Year: 2020 | Month: December | Volume 10 | Issue 2

Nucleic Acids Probes in Seafood Authentication

Wilwet Lidiya Karunanithi Masilan


The adulteration of fish and seafood products, in general, is a global challenge that is constantly increasing. Seafood fraud usually involves adulteration or substitution of a type of species with the meat of lower nutritional value and quality, and therefore of the lower price, aiming for economic profit. Besides the consumer financial protection issues, another important matter is the health risks posed by the occurrence of allergic reactions. For these reasons, regular controls of meat products are in great demand, to protect consumers and producers from fraud, and ensure food safety and public health. Therefore, sensitive, fast, simple, inexpensive and effective analytical methods are required to confirm the species origin of seafood-based products and detect seafood fraud. Development of nucleic acid probes paves a way to onsite detection of species within an hour and which is a growing need for food inspecting agencies. All these aspects have been revised.

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