The main objective of this periodical is the dissemination of information relating to current research on all the aspects of food and fermentation technology.
  • To encourage the growth of research and development of food and fermentation technology.
  • To provide a forum for exchange of scientific knowledge among the actual researchers To act as a bridge between industry and academia
  • To built a platform to the policy makers in relation to food research needs
  • To help in generating useful application of knowledge in the development and growth of the food industry
IJFFT publishing original research papers, short communications and review papers on topics which include but not limited to :        
Biochemical aspects of Food Processing and Fermentation 
Fermentation Microbiology
Fermented Foods
Food Biotechnology
Food Fermentation
Food varieties
Food Composition
Food Engineering
Food Preservation
Food Processing
Food Processing and Nutrition
Fermentation Technology
Genetics in relation to Food Processing and Fermentation 
Thermal Processing
Food Toxicology
Food Engineering

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