Prof. Anil Kumar Chauhan, Senior Professor and Head Dept of Dairy Science and Food Technology, at Banaras Hindu University Varanasi and Director, Centre of Advanced Faculty Training in Food Processing, ICAR, is recognized the world over for his valuable contributions for creating new knowledge and opening frontiers of research in the field of Food Science & Technology.  The main focus of research has been in the development of industrial processes for the production of long-life food articles in ready-to-use value-added dairy products, notable among them are spray-dried guava powder, spray dried mango milk powder for use as a beverage and as an additive for frozen products, yoghurt, formulation of whey protein enriched tomato juice concentrate, Khichdi in dry form as a breakfast cereal and commercializing food, chilli powder, functional Quarg cheese, and gluten-free free cookies. These technologies have been commercialized to enhance market access and to ensure higher profit margins for milk producers and agriculturists. The new products developed under his direct supervision have provided all the benefits of product diversification and increase market growth, and aid competitiveness. He has vast experience in the field of valorization of food by-products. He has gained expertise in other traditional food products, nutraceuticals and functional foods. Additionally, he has acquired great insights in the formulation and revision of food safety and quality of food products as a member and Chairman of a Scientific Panel of the Food Safety and Standards Authority of India. He has successfully developed process technology for enriched fermented dairy products for enhanced immune functions, functional energy bar and low-cost pectin extraction technique from citrus peel for its food applications.
Prof. Chauhan has earned a patent for process optimization of ready-to-cook multigrain functional khichdi.Prof. Chauhan also had been a visiting scientist at the University of Copenhagen, Denmark, Wageningen University and PTC+ Oenkerk, The Netherlands. and chaired scientific technical committees at various International and National conferences at Malaysia, Thailand, Budapest, (Hungry), National University (Fiji), etc. He has published about 100 research papers in International and National peer-reviewed journals and guided 60 Masters and 15 Ph.D. scholars. His efforts for searching new ideas and knowledge in Food Science and Technology continue on the fast track.


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