Year: 2023 | Month: June | Volume 13 | Issue 1

Development of Powder from Spinach by Convective Hot Air Drying at Varied Temperature and its Quality Evaluation

Yogesh Appaso Sargar and Shrikant Baslingappa Swami


Dehydration is the most precious method for preservation of green leafy vegetables. Dehydration is the best option to preserve the green leafy vegetable during abundant production. In the present investigation Spinach (Spinacia oleracea) were dried in a convective hot air dryer at 45oC, 55oC and 65oC. The air velocity inside the dryer was 2-3 m/s, the drying process completed within 5 hrs to 8.5 hrs, drying rate increased with increase in air temperature and thus reducing the drying time. The experimental drying data of spinach were applied to three moisture ratio models, namely, Newton, Page and Henderson and Pabis models. Among all the models, the page model was found to be the best for explaining the drying characteristics of spinach leaves. The effective moisture diffusivity varied from 1.77578×10-9, 2.66367×10-9 and 3.60649×10-9 over the temperature range studied, with activation energy was 31.677 kJ/mol for spinach leaves. The nutritional values like protein decreased from 10.73 to 10.10 %, fiber decreased from 14.33 to 11.21%, ash is deceased from 6.70 to 6.31%, fat is increased from 3.04 to 3.11% as the temperature of drying increases from 450C to 650C the carbohydrate increases from 58.53 to 63.03 % with respect to increase in drying temperature, the functional properties i.e. wettability
decreases from 82 to 42 sec and water absorption capacity increases from 7.57 to 8.77 g/ml with respect to the temperature of drying increases.

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