Year: 2014 | Month: December | Volume 4 | Issue 2

Essential oils constituents of kuwing oil from Irvingia gabonensis seeds ferment



Kuwing oil extracted from Irvingia gabonensis seed mash fermented over 6 days in Agoi Ibami community, Nigeria, was analysed for its essential oil constituents. Both the fresh seed and the ferments oil extracts were analysed for fatty acids, organic acids and essential oils,using GC and GC-MS methods of analysis. Six (6) fatty acids: oleic, linoleic, stearic, lauric, behenic acids were found in both samples, while mystiric was found in the fermented product only. Five(5) organic acids constituents citric, glycolic, oxalic, malic and tartaric acids were identified in both the fresh seed and the ferment. while fifty one (51) chemicals were identified as volatiles or essential oils.The main constituents wereα -pinene, δ3-carene, trans-β-ocimene, α-terpinene, Cis-limonene oxide, perillaldehyde, nootkatone, germacrene-D, and bornol , about 75% of the oil and nineteen (19) of the identified volatiles responsible for flavour and aroma, made up to 43% of the oil

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