Year: 2014 | Month: December | Volume 4 | Issue 2

Effect of addition of Sodium Benzoate on the fermentation behaviour, physico-chemical and sensory qualities of plum wine



Plum being highly perishable crop, needs processing to overcome the postharvest losses and preparation of wine is one of the alternatives. Effect of different concentrations of sodium benzoate (0-400 mg/L) on fermentability, physico-chemical characteristics and sensory quality the plum must was determined. The results showed that in general, the addition of sodium benzoate decreased the fermentation, but a concentration of 100-200 mg/L and the control were statistically at par with each other. Ethanol content decreased proportionately with increase in sodium benzoate concentration in plum must contrary to the TSS of the must and Vit C content which increased. However, titratable acidity and pH remained unaffected. The sensory quality of the plum wine was improved with addition of sodium benzoate. Thus, the addition of
100-200 ppm sodium benzoate to the plum must gave the product with best quality.

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