Year: 2019 | Month: June | Volume 9 | Issue 1

Development and Characterization of Novel Guava Chips Using Vacuum Frying Technique



The objective of this study was to develop guava chips applying vacuum frying technique. Guava slices were vacuum fried at 85oC for 55 minutes, at 100oC for 50 minutes and 110oC for 40 minutes at 9 kPa pressure. The prepared chips were analyzed for quality attributes such as oil content, ascorbic acid content, total phenolic content, crude fibre, colour, texture, browning index. The guava chips fried at 85oC and 9 kPa pressure for 55 min demonstrated maximum acceptability to consumer panellists with 8.2 score on nine-point hedonic scale. The composition of vacuum fried guava chips showed 18.66% oil, 27.1% crude fibre, 5120 mg/100gm total phenolic content and 448.36mg /100gm ascorbic acid. The colour values L*, a* and b* were 79.62, 1.74 and 20.95, respectively. The resistance force required to break chips was 1051 gm and fracturability 32.75 mm. The vacuum frying can be better alternative to produce guava chips with high nutritional values and desired quality attributes.

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