Year: 2018 | Month: December | Volume 8 | Issue 2

Energy Bars made with Popped with Amranth



The aim of this study was to develop energy bars by incorporating popped amaranth seeds. The control was prepared using puffed rice whereas the other bars were formulated with puffed rice and popped amaranth in different proportions (65%:35%, 45%:55%, 25%:75%). The samples were subjected to proximate analysis, mineral analysis, microbial analysis, and sensory evaluation and shelf-life studies. It was revealed that as the proportion of amaranth increased in the samples, the protein, crude fiber, iron, and phosphorus and calcium contents increased whereas the fat and carbohydrate contents decreased. Microbial analysis showed that the microbial load was within the acceptable limits for a period of 3 months. Based on the sensory evaluation, the sample with 55% popped amaranth was the best.

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