Year: 2013 | Month: December | Volume 3 | Issue 2

Whey: Composition, Role in Human Health and its Utilization in Preparation of Value Added Products



Whey is defined as milk serum, the liquid portion of milk left after the formation of curd. It is a by-product of cheese or casein and has many commercial uses. Whey has been considered as an excellent source of protein and offers an admirable amount of vitamins, minerals and lactose. Whey may be sweet or acid depending upon the type of casein or cheese coagulated. Over the few years, whey has captured the interest of market where it is sold as a complete protein pack flooded with nutritional imponents in today's populated world. Ample of beverages, both alcoholic (whey beer, whey wines) and non-alcoholic can be manufactured from whey. Whey drinks are highly nutritious and meet certain therapeutic purposes especially serve the purpose of those who are suffering with limited movement of limbs etc. The widespread research depicts the potential health benefits of whey protein concentrate.

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