Year: 2013 | Month: June | Volume 3 | Issue 1

Application of Various Chemical and Mechanical Microencapsulation techniques in Food Sector-A Review


Abstract: <div>Microencapsulation is mainly concerned with encapsulation. which is the process of forming a continuous thin coating around encapsulant (solid, liquid, gas). The active ingredients may be a food additive, medicine, biocide, adhesive or any other specialty material. Different methods of encapsulation</div><div>design the wall to permit controlled release of core material at specific time and place. The first microencapsulation technique was coacervation which was developed and patented by National Cash Register Company in U.S. in 1950. Microencapsulation started from 1950 in the research of pressure sensitive coatings for the manufacture of carbon less copying paper. Microcapsules can be described as micron-size packages, composed of a polymer wall (coat or shell), and an active ingredient referred to as core or nucleus. This technique is applie not only to protect the core material (flavour,</div><div>enzyme, bacteria, and drugs) from light, air, moisture and heat but also change or modify the physical property and flow ability of core material. Microencapsulation includes various techniques like co acervation, co crystallization, molecular inclusion, spray drying, spray cooling, chilling, extrusion, fluidized bed drying etc. Microencapsulation sector is growing at @10% annually. Microencapsulation finds applications in different field like pharmaceuticals, microbiology, dairy, bakery and meat industry etc. Extensive ongoing research in microencapsulation is also boosting the popularity of</div><div>microencapsulated products.</div>

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